Painting Teeth

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How do I make the teeth white and shiny?

Painting Teeth

Making teeth white and shiny is just a stroke away. Whenever I want really white teeth in modern dolls, I use One Stroke white. Brush the white on the teeth only, just beore bisque firing the head. If I make a mistake, I wait for it to dry; then, using a knife blade, flake it off. When it is totally dry, I use clear glaze (you can purchase both One Stroke and clear glase from a ceramic shop), and dab it on over the white. If you try to paint it on, you might smear the One Stoke. Once you bisque fire, it is there to stay. The glaze makes the bisque shiny. The reason I said modern dolls is because this was not used on antique dolls and it would not be appropriate on them.



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