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How can I get eyes set if it has a dome head?

Can't reach the eye?

...because of the way they cut their eyes, they needed flat glass eyes. Unfortunately, these were almost
impossible to insert into Santa head without a hole in the top of the head & such a small hole in the neck. The neck hole is too small to get a hand up into the head.
Through trial & error, we discovered that a small flat head screw can be attached to the back of the eye with a single drop of hot glue from a glue gun. The result is a
little "handle" that you can grab with a long tweezer to position into the head. Presto, it's much easier to insert these eyes.

How do I get the eyes in small heads?

Using a craft stick

When setting eyes in small heads, put additional wax on the back of the eye and stick it to the craft stick and use that to put the eyes in place when the opening is too small for your eye setting tools.

How can I repare greenware?

Using TIBs

Using Tisha's Incredible Brushes (TIBs) has more than one benefit. Because the greenware has not been soft fired, if I break the eye opening, I can repair it like new again. Using a wet brush, put any large piece back in place. Add drops of slip and allow to dry to a leather hard stage. Use a feather knife or other sharp object and reshape. Build up until it matches the thickness of the greenware. It may take a few tries, but if you have to throw away the piece you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

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