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Where can I find affordable fancy material?

Can't Find that Lacy Material? Make It

Sew different laces together, top and bottom, to make one piece of material. Then cut your pattern out of that material to have a one of a kind fancy outfit.

Why am I having a problem with my patterns?

Patterns are a lot of Guess Work

Read before cutting. Doll patterns are known for having information missing. Identify all pieces and what you do with them.

How can I handle those little pieces when sewing?

Sew 1st, Cut Later

When making very small clothes, copy the pattern onto the material, do not cut out. Sew any seam before you cut out the piece. This gives you a larger piece of material to work with. I learned this trick when making the hats for Donna RuBert`s Wee Little Friends.

Which side of a snap do I sew on first?


Sewing on snaps can be a snap. Sew the snap with the knob sticking out, first. When you have
it secure pretend you are going to snap it to the other side and apply pressure. The knob will
make an indent. Now you have a indent and perfect placement for the other half of the snap.

How do I get all my dolls dressed?

Making More Than One

When cutting out several outfits from the same pattern, use different colors or prints. By doing this you will not mix up the pieces and you'll know which pattern pieces go together. A very successful doll clothes seller told me she sells only one design, but uses many fabric patterns and colors.

Is it ok to use bargain fabric when dressing my doll?


Use the best material to make clothes. Watching a shopping show I noticed silks are being used for baby clothes. It may be expensive, but you don't use a lot. Will increase the value of your doll.

How can I be sure to cut velvet true to pattern?

Working with Difficullt Fiber

When working with slippery material, use clear tape to tape the pattern and material together. This works well on slippery material.

How do I choose print material?

Choosing Print Carefully

When choosing your doll clothes material, be careful you don't pick a print that is too big for your doll. Small prints work best for all sizes.

How can I avoid several trips to the fabric store?

Do you have it all?

Read through your pattern to make sure you have all the different materials you need to make the outfit. I have one such pattern. The material list included everything, but it was scattered. One yard listed first, then another 1.75 yards of the same material was listed about a page away. I had asked the cutter at the store to cut one yard before I saw the other 1.75 yards. Wastes material.

Where can I find patterns for my dolls?

Finding the Patterns

There are many place to find patterns for your doll. Almost every business that sells molds, sells the patterns for the outfit that doll is wearing. You do not have to buy the mold to buy the pattern. In addition the are many companies that just sell patterns. One such place is Linda Horne's, which you can find at http://www.dressadoll.com/ She is down sizing from making the clothes to selling just the patterns.

Is there a tip on cutting out material?

Read First

Mark your pattern piece with a note or star or the word stop to alert you to read directions first. Maybe you have to sew on the line, not cut.

Is there a short cut to cover my dolls?

Paint It

Using china paint, paint on the panties, shirt, socks, blouse or any other items that will work. Than dress it up with lace or other edging.

Is there a way of keeping little pattern pieces together?

Keeping The Pieces Together

When cutting out a pattern for clothing, put the pieces in a plastic zip type of bag. I put the cut material, pattern pieces and directions into the plastic bag. Out the outside I write the name and size of the doll. Even better - cut several and make up baggies for each outfit.

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