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How do I make my display look different?

One Display, Different Seasons

Change your display to match the season. You can change clothes, flowers, colors around your doll display to make it match the season.

What can I do with rejects?

Sometimes You Have to Throw Away

The hardest thing to do is throw away a piece that has a defect. Many of us think it can be used for something but you need to throw it away. You deserve the best that you can make.

What is the best way to save information from magazines?

Keep but don't Clip

Save doll related magazines. I use to clip articles that were of interest until I discovered I needed pictures of dolls, an ad that had an address or phone number. The clippings didn't work. Now I save the whole doll related magazine.

How far in advance should I make a seasonal doll?

Timing is everything

Watch the fabric stores - they are a key to setting your schedule. They sell fabrics far enough ahead to allow their customers to make the clothes and wear them in the correct season.

Is there a quick way to find an article?

Using Index Cards

Color code your index cards to match the publication. Use a different color for different magazines. It may make it easier to locate the article.

What do the dolls look like?

What do they look like?

Go to your local doll shop and look around at the dolls the shop has for sale. Buy a dollmaking magazine and browse through it. If you find something you like, ask the shop owner if they can get it for you. There is a doll for everyone, you just have to decide which one you want.

What can I do with the water I used to clean SFGW?

Waste Water

Your houseplants will be happy if you water them with the water in which you have soaked your SFGW. The makeup of the clay has nutrients that plants like. DO NOT pour this water into your plumbing system; it will clog it up. This hasn't happened to me yet, but I know others it has happened to.

Is there an easy way to retreave information from magazines?

Color Code by Type

Use color index cards to code your interest by subject. Picture of dolls on your wish list, clothes you want to make. how to set eyes, anything that catches your eye. Later when you are trying to find it, you only have to look at cards in that color group

How can I learn how much to bid?

Online Auctions

Be an educated bidder. Check out the price of an item when new. This will give you an idea how much to bid for it. I watched an auction for a doll head. I really wanted that doll, so through search engines I located the artist home page. The brand new price was $89.50 on sale 50% off = $44.75 + shipping. The auction - well it stopped at $139.00 + shipping.

What should I do to save an article?

Your Own Index

Using index cards, create your own master index for your favorite doll publication. Note publication, issue, page and name of the article. It makes it easier to find that article a few months later.

How do I know if I have enought time to make the doll?

Goal Setting

Count back to now and see how much time you have for your project. It is reverse goal setting but does work. Set a schedule that will make it easier for you to reach your goals.

What is the best part of the doll to start with?

Making More Dolls In Less Time

: Do the hardest part of making a doll first. I like to do the heads first because I find them to be the most time consuming and hardest. I will work with several heads at once so I can get in the rhythm of doing one thing. Some dolls have fine fingers that often break. On those dolls, I do the arms first so I don't have to worry about breaking them. The arms and legs only take blushing and can be done with one china firing. Heads usually take 2 to 3 firings.

What is a secure way to ship ro store my dolls?

Preparing for storage or shipping

Packaging your doll for storage or shipping can be easy. Save all your odd and worn out socks. Each limb can fit into a sock, giving it a soft padding. You can use ribbon or rubber bands to keep the socks on. Note: rubber bands are not good for long storage because the rubber band becomes gooey and can damage your doll.

How can I save money but not stop making dolls?

Same Doll Different Outlook

Make the same doll using different colors or shades. Dress the doll differently. I have been eying Seeley's Himself for a year or so. I have seen him as a bishop; a pirate; an elf; and an old man, to name a few.

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