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How long do I leave the slip in the mold?

Pouring Molds

Leave slip in the mold until the side wall shows a thickness between a quarter and a nickle. Depending on the size of the doll parts, any thinner may cause collapse. The larger pieces need to be a little thicker. Here in New England it takes about 5 minutes, in Florida it was more like 10 minutes. The larger pieces need to be a little thicher.

How can I keep the head from caving in when I empty the mold?

Prevent Head Collapse

Use a drinking straw to prevent cave-ins. When draining the head mold place the straw or other hollow tube inside the head so when you drain the mold you will not create a vacuum, which is what causes most collapses.

Does it pay to pour only what you need?

More Than One

Pour two heads when pressed for time. You are more likely to break the head when cleaning the eyes. Usually that is the first part that is cleaned for that reason.

When is the best time to pour your mold?

When you pour is important

Using Seeley`s extended range French Bisque you can pour late at night, empty the mold and let it sit over night. In the morning the piece is ready to come out of the mold and ready to clean when you are your freshest.

How can I get a good pour out of a small mold?

Using a Syringe

Use a large syringe to fill small molds. Small molds can have an air pocket keeping the slip from completely filling the mold. Fill the syringe with slip and slowly push it into the mold. Do not use a lot of force when you do this. If you do not have any problems with small molds you don`t need to use this tip.

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