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How can I save the paint I have left after painting my doll?

Paint Box

How to keep your china paints clean after you have mixed it with a medium: Use a paint pallet box. You can purchase this item from many different sources. It consists of a box and cover with a piece of glass that fits inside. Mine is the same size as a sheet of paper, 8 1/2"x11"x1/2". I mark the paper into 2 inch squares and write a color in as many squares as I need. Put the paper under the glass. I use Rosey Blush, brown, black, yellow brown, white, First Kiss with flux, First Kiss, and any other color I use often. Put this paper under the glass. The next step is to mix the paints with the medium and put on the glass over the proper color. You may want to have bigger squares. You can mix all the colors at once or as you need them.

Can I make cleaning tools at home to save money?

Groove Cleaner

A handy and easy tool to make is a groove cleaner. Using a dowel (will become the handle) between 1/4 and 1/2 inch wide and about 5 inches long, screw a screw into one end of the dowel, leaving about 2 to 3 inches sticking up. Using cutters, cut off the head of the screw. Holding it by the "handle," rub the thread part against the greenware groove and move it back and forth, deepening the groove. It doesn't take much so don't over do it.

Do I need to get rid of my brushes if they are bend in odd directions?

Don't Let Your Brushes Get Bent Out of Shape

Sometimes you brushes dry in a bent position. Pour very hot clear water over the brush and reshape it. Allow it to dry. You brushes will be in great shape.

Which bush would be the frist bush to buy?

Buying a Brush

The brow brush is a good first brush to buy. I find the ones that taper down to just one hair makes the best brow brush.

What is the first tool I will need?

Feather Knife

The very first tool you will need for dollmaking is a scalpel. I prefer a feather knife. It has a blade and plastic handle. It is disposable. At times I have also used an Exacto hobby knife. If you have some ceramic tools, you could also use the wooden tool that has a blade on one end and a curved blade on the other end.

What kink of cleaning tools do I need?


Low cost doll cleaning tools are all over your home. Save all your used stockings. These can be used for cleaning doll seams. I cut off a section and wrap it around my finger and rub the area to be cleaned. Sometimes I put a cotton ball inside and use that to rub the SFGW.

Why does my brush shed?

Brushes Loosing Hair

You have too much medium on that section. It usually happens when you are using a mop to spread the cheek blush. The hairs will burn off during the china firing.

How do I mix my slip?

Mixing Slip

Saving $90 or more is easy. At the hardware store, buy a paint mixer that fits on your drill. The cost is less that $20. Some are less than $10. The shaft fits where your drill bit goes. After mixing the slip, allow to set anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to let the air bubbles come to the surface.

What kind of brush do I need for lashes

Lash Brushes

When painting the fine lines needed for lashes, load your brush with a lot of paint. A few practice strokes will help you decide if you need more. You should be able to draw the line without the line fading. Usually the brush should have many bristles, with one longer one. It is this one bristle that will actually be painting. The other bristles are to hold the paint.

Can I use any part of the stocking?

Smoothing Surfaces

When cutting up a stocking to use as a cleaning tool, do not use any part of the stocking that has a seam; this can chip or break your greenware. If you have the type of stocking that has a seam down the back of the leg, make sure the seam is always up away from the greenware.

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