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How do I find a mold I need to pour?

Marking Molds

Can't find a mold you need? Using a felt marking pen, write information on your mold. Molds usually have the name of the doll and artist inprinted on the outside. Highlight these words. Open the head mold to see which side the face is located. On the OUTSIDE of the mold, write the word FACE.

Are there any questions I should ask when buying a mold?

Know Your Questions

Have your questions figured out before you call to purchase a mold. My questions are usually: 1. Is the pattern sized for the mold (if the mold comes in different sizes)? 2. What is the shipping cost? 3. Do you give a discount? Sometimes I'll ask what type of credit card do they accept.

How to I write small enought to fit on a little mold?

Marking Molds

When marking small molds, I often draw a picture instead of writing names. On my snowbaby molds - which are about 5 inches long by 3 inches tall, it is easier to find the one I need if I have a drawing of a snowbaby sitting or standing.

Can I mix and match my molds?

Getting the Most for your $$$$

When buying new molds, try getting head molds that fit molds you already have in stock. You can mix molds from different companies but, be sure, when people order greenware they know that information. I lost a customer when someone sold me a mold set that didn't belong together and didn't tell me. It was a doll I didn't know anything about but my mail order customer did.

What do I do when different dolls use the same hands and legs?

Marking Molds

Often doll artist use the same molds for several dolls. Now when I get a mold I list the names of all doll heads that I have that uses that mold. Makes my life much easier.

How do I ship molds?

Shipping Molds

When shipping molds be sure to use wide tape to keep the molds pieces from rubbing against itself. Don't trust rubber bands to hold that mold. You will find yourself with a broken mold.

How can I clean my molds?

Clean Molds

Mix one tablespoon of boric acid to two cups of hot water and spritz the inside of the mold. Strap it tight and let it dry for a few days.

How do I start building my stock of molds?

Buying Molds

When you first start buying molds, buy from dealers you know or have seen advertised month after month. Molds are your second biggest investment after a kiln.

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