Creacion de Munecas Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when I can´t access a link?

Is there a quick fix if I forgot to make the holes?

Is there another way to apply blush?

How can I make it easier to assemble things at the shows.

What do I do with frozen slip?

How do I paint brows to look the same on both sides?

How can I lower a price when there isn´t any leeway?

How do I load a kiln?

How do I price my dolls for resale?

How can I stop the porcelain pieces from rubbing against each other?

Where can I find patterns for my dolls?

How do I choose print material?

How do I figure the price for bisque?

How can I handle those little pieces when sewing?

How can I get eyes set if it has a dome head?

Is there a way of keeping little pattern pieces together?

How can I bring the cost per item down?

What do the dolls look like?

How do I connect the shoulder plate?

Does it pay to pour only what you need?

Where can I find affordable fancy material?

How do I get the eyes in small heads?

How do I decide which type of armature to use?

How can I keep the head from caving in when I empty the mold?

How do I make my display look different?

What do I do with raw mohair?

Is there an easy way to attach the correct hand?

What can I use to stuff porcelain arms and legs?

How do I make a knee or elbow joint?

Why am I having a problem with my patterns?

How can I make the most of my time with displays?

How can I interst people in make a doll?

Which side of a snap do I sew on first?

Are there any questions I should ask when buying a mold?

What cone should a kiln fire to for porcelain?

How can I make brows look real?

Do I have to make a casing to attach an arm or leg?

How long do I leave the slip in the mold?

Where can I find a picture of the doll I´m painting?

What can I use to spread the blush medium?

How do I load my brow brush?

How many times can I china fire?

Is it ok to use bargain fabric when dressing my doll?

How do I decide on the color of the doll?

How can I avoid having scratches on my bisque?

How can I find out about current trends?

How can I help students pick their next doll?

How to I load the brush to paint lashes?

Is there a way to avoid cutting the eye too big?

How to I keep the china paints from separating when I paint my doll?

How can I keep track of the colors I used to get that perfect shade?

How can I keep my shoulderheads from spreading out from the weight?

How can I get a good pour out of a small mold?

What is antique reproduction mean to me?

How do I know if I have enought time to make the doll?

How can I be sure the limbs are on the correct side before securing?

How do I keep the brow hairs looking the same on both sides?

Why did my cheeks fade out?

How can I be sure the porcelain and cloth limb will not come apart?

What is the best way to use my kiln?

How do I start building my stock of molds?

How do I find a mold I need to pour?

How do I get all my dolls dressed?

Is there a short cut to dressing a doll?

What is a good way to identify myself as the dollmaker?

What can I used in place of S hook

How do you get ready to do an over-all wash?

How can I keep the feature details?

When can I tell to stop cleaning the eye opening?

How can I get the eyes in place?

What can I use between the toes and fingers?

How can I tell is the kiln fired correctly?

How can I save the paint I have left after painting my doll?

How do I put a dome head into the kiln?

How do I make the teeth white and shiny?

What do I do when my china mop drags?

How do I load my brush?

Can I use slip right out of the jug?

How can I get discounts on items for resale?

Can I mix and match my molds?

How do I know what to order for supplies?

How can I start selling my dolls?

Which bush would be the frist bush to buy?

How can I tell if a part has been soft fired?

What do I look for in a kiln?

What is indirect cost?

How can I connect the shoulder plate to the body?

How can I clean my molds?

Should I turn off the kiln when I hear cracking sounds inside?

Do I have to paint eyes on dome heads or can I insert them?

How can I tell where the request for price list comes from?

How can I avoid several trips to the fabric store?

How can I increase my sales?

What do I use to fill arms and legs?

Can I clean SFGW when it is dry?

Where did the little holes on the seamline come from?

What is all that noise inside the kiln when it just turned off?

How long should the arms be?

How can I load legs so they will not flatten out?

How do I identify a mold that is too small to fit all the words?

What is the first tool I will need?

What do I do when different dolls use the same hands and legs?

How to I write small enought to fit on a little mold?

Why does my brush shed?

What kink of cleaning tools do I need?

How do I know if I have enough paint on my brush?

Why does my SFGW desolve in water?

How do I fix a broken shoulderplate?

How do I ship molds?

How far in advance should I make a seasonal doll?

Does it matter if I clean between the fingers?

Do I have to put the over-all wash in the hair area?

What doll should I make to sell?

Do I need to strain the slip everytime I use it?

What kind of brush do I need for lashes

How can I avoid missing steps when cleaning?

Do I need to get rid of my brushes if they are bend in odd directions?

Is it better to paint one doll at a time?

How close can I put the pieces in a bisque fire?

How do I figure the selling price of greenware?

What is a secure way to ship ro store my dolls?

What causes scratches along the seam line?

How do I put a head in the kiln?

What is the best part of the doll to start with?

Can I use any part of the stocking?

Can I make cleaning tools at home to save money?

How can I be sure the molds will be secure when shipping?

What is the best way to save information from magazines?

How can I save money but not stop making dolls?

Is there an easy way to retreave information from magazines?

Can I use lotion to protect my hands?

Which is better: greenware or SFGW?

How can I prevent legs from breaking?

Can I use anything instead of silica sand?

What can I use if I can´t find silica sand?

How do I string my doll?

How close can I put the pieces when I do a china fire?

How big do I make the neck opening?

How can I get rid of that sound of porcelain against porcelain?

What can I do with rejects?

Why am I getting scratch marks at the seam line?

What can I do with the water I used to clean SFGW?

How are the scratch marks getting on my greenware?

How can I put legs in the kiln so they don´t flatten out?

How do I steady the legs in the kiln?

How do I mix my slip?

How come my 24" dress doesn´t fit my 24" doll?

How do I load arms and legs into the kiln?

How do you pick up greenware?

How can I open the head on a dome doll?

How can I protect the greenware?

How can I stop breaking greenware?

How can I learn how much to bid?

How do I fit lashes on small dolls?

What should I do to save an article?

How much sand do I use?

Is there a quick way to find an article?

How can I connect the shoulder plate to a cloth body?

Is it better to paint one doll at a time?

Is there a short cut to cover my dolls?

How much prop should I use?

How can I repare greenware?

How can I be sure to cut velvet true to pattern?

When is the best time to pour your mold?

Is there a tip on cutting out material?

How can I make more dolls in less time?

How many molds do I need to buy?

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